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Drill hole exploration and Uncertainty reduction

Optimal sampling to minimize uncertainty is a common problem in several industries, in mining, the necessity to accurately estimate resources while using the least possible number of drill holes is especially important given its costs.

Our answer is to simultaneously use geostatistics to model and feed the system and artificial intelligence to optimally locate and recommend new drill holes positions with the objective of maximizing terrain information.

This approach reduces operational costs by minimizing the number of new perforations subject to obtaining the confidence levels needed in each stage of the mine life.


Improve confidence in available information

Our solution allows experts to easily evaluate and estimate different scenarios. Our software blends geostatistics modeling and the most popular resources estimation methods with artificial intelligence algorithms specially oriented to optimization, prediction and classification of random variables.

This is an uncommon combination which we believe will be useful delivering great insight and value to experts.

Our software as well as proposing new locations for the next drill holes will display uncertainty reductions of the mining model.

Also every optimization algorithm is adjustable according to experts necessities and priorities.


Why use GEA?

Systems benefits

Increase the value of new information and Improve confidence in resources estimations

Simulate several new scenarios in a short amount of time

Easy and fast optimization process to support drill holes campaign planning

Facilitate a better future extraction plan and operations

Save costs by reducing new drill holes and liberate experts time

You don’t have to share sensible data and you can keep using all your current familiar softwares

Geostatistics and artificial intelligence blended in one software

Improve confidence, save drilling costs and time you can devote to analysis

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We are looking for experts, we are handing out a limited amount of tester versions with the aim of improving and making the system as usefull and practical as it can be. Please contact us for more info.

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